Interesting links from around the web #1

This column will be a mix of all my favorite things, ranging from Bucketlist ideas to interesting articles about life in general, food & recipes, traveling, and everyday life. Enjoy!

Cambodia is one of the top destinations on my Bucketlist and when I do go, Central Suites is the hotel I’ll be staying at – it looks fantastic!

A winter survival idea – a great way to gather friends together

This Carne Asada Skillet Nachos looks soooo good (Dinner inspiration!)

Do you like podcasts? This is one of my favorites. (In Norwegian only, sorry)

Vogue’s greatest tips for styling a bar cart

An interesting article about the “Instagram Husband”

Interested in meditation and mindfulness? Insight Timer is the most popular free meditation app on the market (I use it often and highly recommend it!)

7 scientifically proven health benefits of being a cat owner

It started as a photography project in 2010 –HONY display portraits and include quotes + real short stories from people’s lives

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