The little things that makes me happy

enjoy the little things in life

Let’s be honest; life has it’s ups and downs. It’s easy to get caught up in life’s troubles and failures, but more importantly, we often fail to realize that life also can be pretty great. All to often we take the little things for granted. We might be aware of them, but rarely take time to appreciate them. We are so obsessed with the chase after the “perfect life”, that we often forget to stop and reflect on the things that are truly important. I took a minute and reflected on the small things in life that truly makes me happy;

 Wake up to sunshine and a blue sky

People with a positive attitude

 Cat cuddles with the best cat in the entire world

 Spend a full day outside in fresh air (outdoor bonfire nights are my favorite!)

 Enjoy a delicious iced coffee @ my favorite coffee shop

 The endorphin rush I get after a good workout

 A morning kiss from the best husband in the world

 Binge watch reality shows (the Real Housewife’s series are my guilty pleasure!)

 Great random conversations with strangers

 Try out a new recipe in the kitchen that’s a success

 Spend time with a friend I haven’t seen in a while

 Getting off work while it’s still light outside (especially this time of year!)

 Go to bed in fresh, clean sheets and the joy of a clean apartment

What are some of the little things that makes you happy? 🙂

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