My 2019 Bucketlist Goals ☑️

I believe a good Bucketlist is well balanced – it should display dreams that are big & audacious, things things you experience as you go through life, and those dreams that may probably never come true, but that’s still ok.. For me personally, it’s important to dream, yet be realistic, and your goals should challenge you, inspire you, and it should be fun!

 Here is my Bucketlist Goals for 2019;

Spend the night in a tree-house
This has become widely popular and with good reason; you get to spend the night in a high-end tree-top house, close to nature and without the many interruptions of daily life. It’s calm and relaxing, just what we all need once in a while. A big plus, is that many of these sky-high oases can be rented our per day, which makes it accessible for anyone without emptying your wallet!

Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger
I think it’s safe to say that many of my most meaningful conversations has been with strangers, some whom I developed close friendships afterwards and some I never saw again. Anyway, those conversations are the best. If you enjoy meeting new people, this is a great approach – just start talking!

Try Paddle-boarding
If the weather allows it (let’s hope for a recap of last summer), I will try paddle-boarding in my hometown this upcoming summer. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, it’s always another excuse to travel somewhere!

Go to the movies alone
The idea of going to the movies alone always generated some thoughts; there’s no one to talk to, you sit alone, and it might feel a bit socially awkward. However, I decided to look at it from a different perspective; 1) you go there to watch a movie, not have a conversation, 2) there is many people around you and nobody cares if you sit alone, and 3) you get to decide what movie to watch without taking anyone else into consideration – and that’s what I plan to do!

Visit a total of 20 countries
This is one of my Bucketlist goals and with already 18 down, I only have two more to go!

Climb the Pulpit Rock
I have talked about hiking to the Pulpit Rock for the longest time and this year I intend to make this dream come true! (Can’t believe it took me this long!). Located on the west coast of Norway, the Pulpit Rock is one of the most famous and visited attractions in Norway and towers an impressive 604 m over the Lysefjord. Depending on your pace, you should expect to use somewhere between 4-7 hours to the top.

Drink afternoon-tea in England
Even though I prefer coffee over tea any day, this British tradition would be fun to experience. And to reject a plate filled with delicious tea-sandwiches, scones and sweets would be stupid. And most importantly, I hope to see my sweetest friend Millie whom I miss very much!

Complete a cooking class
You can sign up for several cooking classes through the Culinary Academy in Oslo and I want to try the Street Food Class. You learn to prepare meals from China/Taiwan, Mexico, Peru, Turkey, Japan and Spain, and you eat the food along the way while cooking. Love it!

Host a theme party
I love hosting parties and especially theme parties – in the past I have done alphabet theme party, summer/tropical party, and Great Gatsby (for my big 30th – it was a BLAST!). This year I want to throw another theme party for my birthday or our annual summer party!

Become an Organ Donor
I want to sign up to become an organ donor for one good reason; I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t? If I were in need of an organ, organ donation would be the way to go. I think it would be hypocritical to receive an organ if you’re not willing to donate one.

Do you have any Bucketlist goals set for 2019? 🙂

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