Stiftelsen Organdonasjon

Ps; this blog post is addressed towards my Norwegian readers. For international readers, I suggest checking out your local organ donation website to see what you can do to become an organ donor!

Today I would like to discuss something very important; Organ Donation.This is listed as a point on my Bucketlist because it’s selfless, a good deed and it just feels right to me. There is no limitations as to what you can put on your Bucketlist, I therefore would encourage everyone to consider becoming an organ donor!

To become on organ donor is completely voluntarily, it shouldn’t be forced upon anyone. However, research shows that this topic rarely is addressed in conversations, it’s therefore even more important to address it. To this day and according to Norwegian law, you are only an organ donor if you registered as one. I personally think it should be the other way around; if you have any objections about being an organ donor, you should have the right to reserve against it. I think it would have saved more lives – but again, that’s just my personal opinion.

There are many good reasons to become an Organ Donor;

Organ Donation is an opportunity to help others
Statistics from the Norwegian Organ Donation Foundation states that between 4-500 people are on the wait list to receive an organ per 31.12.2018. For many people, organ donation is the only option to escape an involuntarily deadly disease.

“What goes around comes around”
If you were in desperate need of an organ and your life depended on it, would you have accepted it? You probably would have wanted someone to help you if they could, right? Well, this goes both ways! Organ donation is based on voluntarily choices and altruism – if nobody says yes, nobody will receive organs. At the end, the moral of the story goes as follows; if you’re prepared to accept an organ, you should be prepared to donate one!

One organ donor can help multiple people
Did you know what a deceased human alone can donate a total of 7 organs? The heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and the pancreas can all be used for donation. Furthermore, even though it’s not categorized as organs, one can also donate skin, bone substances, and cornea. For a person with a sick or damaged cornea, donation can result in retrieving your vision back.

Don’t force your family to make this decision for you
Every year people looses loved ones to death, whether it’s in an swift and unexpected accident or maybe some form of illness. Regardless, loosing a loved one is heartbreaking and can be a heavy burden on individuals in the first place, so to impose the choice of organ donation on your loved ones in unnecessary and unfair. Make this decision yourself!

It’s easy to register and it doesn’t cost you anything
You can easily register to become an organ donor online and it’s completely free. You can print out your donor card or download the app to your smartphone (available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone).

For information on how to become an organ donor and Q&A, check out Stiftelsen Organdonasjon website.

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