Expanded Bucketlist – Top 200! 🌍

I believe that a Bucketlist is a never ending journey – you will always add new things as you live (at least I do!). A while back I posted my Top 100 Bucketlist Points, which I now expanded to 200 – here’s the new points I added to my list! 🌍

  1. Voluntair in a third-world country
  2. Be a foodie at Mathallen, Oslo
  3. Hold a koala
  4. Enjoy a dinner outside in nature
  5. Start my own business
  6. Write a letter to my future self (and read it 5 years from now)
  7. Complete a meditation course
  8. Go on a cabin trip in the Norwegian mountains
  9. Climb Gaustadtoppen
  10. Have an outdoor movie night
  11. Buy a same plane ticket to another country
  12. Sleep outside in a hammock
  13. Try 10 dishes from 10 different countries
  14. Have a campfire on the beach
  15. Build a community of like-minded people
  16. Attend a music festival in another country
  17. Eat a meal at a restaurant all by myself
  18. Go bar-hopping
  19. Visit a national park
  20. Sleep under the stars
  21. Create the perfect bar cart for our living room
  22. Visit a farmers market
  23. Go to a concert with a favorite artist
  24. Watch a live NHL game
  25. Grow a herb garden at home
  26. Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Norway
  27. Order room service
  28. Become a Delta Gold Medallion Sky-mils Member
  29. Go on a canoe/kayaking trip
  30. Hike the Table Mountain in South Africa
  31. Collect money for a good cause
  32. Meet the indigenous population of Norway
  33. Make homemade ice cream
  34. Be interviewed in a podcast
  35. Rent a villa with a private pool
  36. Go on a safari in Africa
  37. Try soul cycle
  38. Suprise a good friend
  39. Rent a bike and explore Sullivan’s Island, SC
  40. Run a (half)marathon
  41. Sleep in a glass iglo at Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland
  42. Ride a segway
  43. Tour a beer brewery
  44. Attend a public speaking event
  45. Try Bikram Yoga
  46. Meet a person you consider a role model
  47. Be someone’s mentor
  48. Volunteer at a Elephant Rescue in Thailand
  49. Find a charity to support that I’m passionate about
  50. Go on a bike ride in Central Park, NYC
  51. Eat a meal from a food truck
  52. Ride a snowmobile
  53. Eat Spanish food in Barcelona
  54. Walk barefoot for a full day
  55. Visit a museum om interest
  56. Pet a kangaroo
  57. See the house of Norwegian artist Edward Munch
  58. Invest in a national costume (Bunad)
  59. Visit Alcatraz, San Francisco
  60. Eat a meal at Oslo Raw
  61. Do a house sit
  62. Publish my own fill-in-bucket list Book
  63. Experience weightlessness
  64. Try rafting
  65. Try the tacos at Tacorepublica in Oslo
  66. Go on a cruise
  67. See the colorful houses along the waterfront in Nyhavn, Copenhagen
  68. Be a brand ambassador
  69. Have an amazing time at the Coachella Music Festival in California
  70. Do a color run
  71. Give a motivational speech
  72. Attend a free outdoor yoga class in New York
  73. Do a self-guided tour in a city
  74. Do a good deed and try “plogging” (I did it – read about it here)
  75. Walk on a suspension bridge
  76. Discover the colorful streets of Seville, Spain
  77. Take a photography class
  78. Swim with sea turtles
  79. Buy a cabin in the Norwegian mountains
  80. Take one photo a day for a year and make a photo book out of it
  81. Jump of a cliff
  82. Live with locals in another country
  83. Conquer my biggest fear
  84. Buy lunch to a homeless person
  85. Spend the night in a castle
  86. Experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  87. Compete in a triathlon
  88. See a Broadway Musical
  89. Search for a bargain at the Rot Fai Market in Bangkok
  90. Stomp on grapes to make wine
  91. Visit a total of 20 different cities in Norway
  92. Do a charity walk
  93. Visit Lofoten in the summertime
  94. Refinish an old piece of furniture
  95. Invest in our dream home
  96. Go wine tasting in Napa Valley, California
  97. Dress up and see a show in the Opera, Oslo
  98. Walk the entire Coastal Path in Stavern (35 kilometers)
  99. Take a ride on FlΓ₯msbanen – one of the “most beautiful train journeys in the world”

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