My Favorite Podcasts πŸŽ™

Have you discovered the power of podcasts yet? If not, you have been missing out!
Podcasts has been popular for quite some time and even though it took me a while to discover the world of podcasts, I often say “It’s better late than never”..
Today, it’s never been easier to find, subscribe and listen to thousands of podcasts on every topic from health and lifestyle to politics, education, music, technology, spots, entrepreneurship, business, arts, etc.. the list goes on! Podcasts can be compared to blogs in the sense that there is a podcast for everyone, regardless of your interest, which I love!

I picked 4 of my favorite podcasts (2 in Norwegian + 2 in English) that I highly recommend! Happy listening! 😊

Power Ladies (Norwegian)
In this amazing podcast we meet Yrja Oftedahl, who interview inspiring women who has made an entrance into the world by making their passion into a living and stand out in their field of expertise. Her interviewees ranges from inspiring entrepreneurs to influences, athletes, and business leaders. Some of her former guests includes Pia Seeberg, Tiril Refsum, Isabelle Ringnes, Birgit Skarstein, Sophie Wiik and Silje Lyngstad Noreng – so many inspiring women! The purpose of this podcast is to empower and showcase a diverse range of female role models across all industries. Yrja hope to to inspire women to be the best version of themselves and to dare to take the next step and pursue their dreams. And as Yrja always says, “these women are all go-getters!”.

Treningspodden (Norwegian)
This podcast is hosted by Pia Seeberg and Silje Thorsteinsen, two amazing women with an extensive background in the health and fitness industry. As certified personal trainers, a mental trainer and a group/yoga/Soma Move instructor, Pia and Silje promotes an overall balanced and healthy lifestyle without restrictions and crazy diets. If you need some extra inspiration to get started, I’ll guarantee you that Treningspodden will give you the extra push you need! They interview various people from the health and fitness industry and discuss a wide range of topics, including overeating and overweight, stress, how to take care of our overall health, the journey of yoga, crossfit, sex related to health, opportunities vs. limitations, and self-esteem to mention a few. Some of their former guests include Funkygine, Marit BjΓΈrgen, Camilla Lorentzen, Kristin Holte, Camilla Aastorp Andersen, og Josefin Dahlberg.

The Balanced Blonde // Soul On Fire (English)
This podcast is hosted by Jordan Younger, the person behind the wellness and lifestyle blog The Balanced Blonde. In addition to blogging, she is also an author, yoga instructor and she hosts retreats and live events around the globe to connect with her readers. Jordan interview a wide range of people from various industries, including some of her closest friends. Various topics are discussed, including lifestyle hacks, health and diets, alternative approaches to healing and medicine, friendships in the blogging world, branding a business, how to keep your passion alive, and the entrepreneurial side of blogging. After being diagnosed with Lyme Disease in late 2017, Jordan got a different perspective of life and has choosen to share her journey with her listeners. The nature of this podcast is fun, honest and real, which makes it so good.

The Skinny Confidential – Him & Her (English)
This podcast is hosted by the duo and married couple Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and Michael Bosstick. Lauren is the creator of The Skinny Confidential, a blog, book, podcast and you tube channel that aim to help women in their lives by sharing everything from lifestyle, food, beauty, business, and tips & tricks you can apply in your life. Michael is a serial entrepreneur and brand builder, most recently the CEO of the female-focused network Dear Media. He  is passionate about helping people achieve their goals, whether its in life or in business. Lauryn and Michael interview many inspiring people on a wide range of topics, including entrepreneurs, experts and celebrities. Some of their former guests include Jillian Michaels, Julia Engel, Emily Schuman, Kristin Kavallari, Dr. Dennis Gross, and Jordan Younger.

Do you have any favorite podcasts? Feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

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