Taco bowl with nacho chips ðŸŒ®

I love tacos! It’s one of my favorite meals and often a go-to-dish whenever I don’t now what to make for dinner.. tacos are just easy! For the most part, I use soft tortillas or hard shells, but I just discovered another way to prep the tacos (it’s even better if you ask me!) – throw everything into a big bowl!


Nacho chips – grounded beef – taco seasoning – lettuce or spinach (whatever you prefer!) – corn – scallions – mini bell peppers (red, orange, yellow) – cucumber – sour cream – cheese.

 I also like to add red onions, avocado and homemade guacamole, but I didn’t have the ingredients for it. There are no rules when it comes to tacos – use whatever you like!


This dish is so easy – literally anyone can make it! Start by cooking the grounded beef in a skillet over medium heat, stir occasionally until done. Add taco seasoning + a splash of water, then cook for another 3 minutes. Chop all the vegetables and start layering, I start with the lettuce/spinach on the bottom. Spread out the other vegetables and the grounded beef, add a splash of chunky salsa and sour cream, and finish it off with a handful of your favorite grated cheese!

Enjoy, or as they say in Spanish, “provecho”! 🙂

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