Livingroom Inspiration

After living in our apartment for about 4 years, I’m currently in the process of doing a make-over. Last year I started off by painting our bedroom and guest bedroom/home office in a relaxing shade of blue, and next on the list is our livingroom. After investing in the perfect grey couch and finding the most perfect antique coffee table (check this post), it’s time to decide on a new color for the livingroom walls and find some new interior. I’m a minimalist and I don’t like clutter and lot’s of small things, which sometimes makes it difficult to decorate. I would rather focus on quality furniture, framed pictures, art, blankets and pillows, a nice rug, and not to mention – a nice bar-cart! 😀

A throwback to the simple, sophisticated old days, bar carts were a must have in the roaring 50’s and they are now making a comeback!

Inspiration via Pinterest

I think a bar cart is a great idea for several reasons; it blends in as a part of your interior (regardless of your style, options are endless!), they are extremely versatile (fit all your home bar basics), they stash away easily and are always ready to roll, both men and women love them, and it’s just a perfect fit because we love to entertain family and friends!

After some research, here’s some great tips on how to start building the perfect bar cart;

Stock up your choice of alcohol
When choosing your main spirits, a general rule is to focus on spirits that provides a good foundation for many drinks; our choice is vodka, gin, rum (white and dark), whisky and cognac. They provides a basis for many drinks, but are also perfect on their own. While I personally enjoy white wine or an ice cold corona, I don’t turn down a good mojiito or a delicious frozen drink, and my husband love a good gin & tonic and a  cognac. I will also include baileys, aperol, and cointreau, as these are some favorites (among us + our friends).

Club Soda, tonic water, mineral water, and certain juices (depending on what you plan on serving) are all great options as mixers. Many drinks also calls for a sweetener (honey, simple syrup, agave) and while you can easily make your own (equal parts sugar/water boiled down and cooled off), you can also buy your favorite.

Depending on what you plan on making, fresh herbs and spices can be a valuable part of your cocktail routine and be used to create some amazing drinks. Lemon and lime, fresh herbs (basil and mint), grapefruit, cucumber, various frozen berries, and salt and sugar for rimming (hello margaritas!) are all great options to have at hand. I will also include Pellegrino sparkling water. Ice cubes is also an important aspect of creating the perfect drink – while it might seem that all ice is the same, using larger ice cubes is important. It allows cocktails to cool quickly without diluting the alcohol. Another cool option is to invest in stone beverage cubes!

A cocktail shaker, strainer, measuring cup and a bar spoon are the four main items you need for mixing drinks. A cutting board and a sharp knife for slicing is also essential. If you plan on using fresh fruit or herbs in a cocktail, a muddler is a must (I have this one in granite).
A small ice bucket and a champagne cooler to display on the table is always a good idea.  I found a champagne cooler in stainless steel at a flea marked for a very cheap cost!

One sentence; presentation is everything!
We already have a set of 12 whisky glasses at home, which are both nice and neutral looking. However, I would also like to buy a whisky decanter display on the cart (I really like this one). The decanter is one of the focal points to your bar cart, so make sure to buy one that suits your style.

Other items
Some items to invest in are coasters, cocktail sticks to hold garnish/decorate drinks, a dish towel, bottle and wine opener, bottle stopper, a serving tray, and some cool cocktail straws.

Do you have a bar cart at home? 🙂

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