A life changing experience

Have you ever had a “life-changing experience”? And what really is the definition of “life-changing”? The answer to that question would probably differ from person to person, but to me, a life-changing experience refers to “what it takes to transform your life in a way that you find greater meaning and satisfaction in what you do on daily basis” – in other words, an experience that encourages you to go after what you want!


I  look back at my study abroad adventure as one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. Not only because it was my childhood dream coming true, but because of all the things I learned academically and about myself, the friendships I formed with people from around the world (you know who you are!), all the new places I got to see, and all the fun things I got to experience!

Growing up, to study abroad was my childhood dream. I dreamed of going to an American high school and to do all the fun things you see in movies, such as hanging out with friends, have a sleepover, go to prom, go on a road trip and to sporting events. Unfortunately it wasn’t an option for me (due to the major I choose in high school, I wouldn’t get the year abroad approved in Norway), I therefore decided to go to college instead and let me tell you – that was one of the best decisions of my life!

In January 2010 I jumped on a plane overseas alone and started one of the best adventures of my life – my study abroad college experience! I attended the University of North Dakota and majored in Criminal Justice Studies.


Some of my best memories from my study abroad experience includes;

♥ Springbreak in Florida with a great group of people

♥ Many road trips (The longest one was from Grand Forks, ND – Miami, FL)

♥ A great weekend trip to Winnipeg, Canada with my best friend Fe

♥ Countless fun parties over many weekends with amazing people

♥ I got to experience a real Thanksgiving celebration with American families

♥  Spring break in California/Nevada with my husband; we flew into Los Angeles, rented a car and hit the road – we visited Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Malibu and ended our trip in Las Vegas. It was so much fun!

♥ Many birthdays (among them the big 21st!) and Halloween celebrations

♥ Different cultural and sporting events

♥ Spring-fest (celebration at the end of spring semester – day drinking and concerts!)

♥ Forming friendships with amazing people from around the world

♥ A week in Minneapolis and graduation with my husband and family, followed by a nice vacation in Mexico

Here is a trip down memory lane.. ♥


It’s fun to look back at pictures that was taken 6-8 years ago, which also reflects the bad quality of some of the pictures, hehe.. So many good memories!

Have you ever had a life changing experience? If so, do tell! 🙂

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