Things I’m looking forward to in May

We’re already one week into May and even though it’s slightly colder than April (Ironically April was unusually warm!), May is a wonderful month. To me, May is the transitional month between spring and summer and it’s the perfect time to soak up the sun, warmer weather and spend more time outside. Here’s what I’m looking forward to in May;

Travel someplace new
This year I want to visit at least two new places (hopefully two countries!), but for now, we are going to our favorite country Greece. We leave in a couple of days for a one week vacation to the Island of Karpathos. I can’t wait to soak up the sun, enjoy lots of delicious food including souvlaki, gyros, and kleftiko, drink the best Greek beer and iced coffees, discover new authentic Greek places (we hope to visit Olympos!) and just lay on the beach. Vacation can’t come soon enough!

Go on bike rides outside
I just brushed the dust of my bike and went for a long bike ride outside. In terms of physical activity, I’m a big spin enthusiast and I frequently attend spin class. However, in the spring and summer time I like to freeze my gym membership and go for walks/bike rides outside instead. There’s nothing better than getting your cardio in, enjoy the sights of my wonderful hometown and fresh air at the same time!

Clean and prepare out patio for summer
We cleaned our upper patio and brought out our patio furniture a couple of weeks ago. I also finally came around and planted fresh herbs (I choose chives) in an outdoor pot. Last year we built a new lower patio, which I’ll clean, finish painting and decorate when we get back from Greece. I’m also buying some flowers and new decorations as well.

Read a new book in the sun with a cup of coffee
I love iced coffees, sunshine and a good book, so what’s better than to combine the three? I have many books at home that I can’t wait to get started on, so I think I’ll bring a few to Greece and get started right away.

Go for many walks on the Coastal Path
As I have mentioned before, the Coastal Path is one of my favorite outdoor areas to spend time at pretty much all year round, excluded winter time. While both spring and early fall is great, the summer time is fantastic. I love combining long walks with a swim in the ocean and some good food. Ahhh, can’t wait for long warm summer days!

Are you doing anything fun in May? 🙂

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