Olympos & Diafani, Karpathos

On the northernmost point of the island of Karpathos, you’ll find Olympos – a village with lots of history and amazing panoramic views!

At first sight, this village looks like the Amalfi Coast of Italy. The first thing you see is small narrow blue & white streets between alleys, colorful homes, the smell of delicious homemade food at restaurants, locals displaying a great selection of homemade products in their shops, and local women dressed in traditional clothes, which make it seems they live in another era.

 Olympos was built in the 7. Century A.D, when the inhabitants of the ancient Vrykounda were frequently attacked by pirates. They were leaving their land and moved into the higher mountains, far away from the sea. The village was not accessible until recently,  but today Olympos is connected by asphalt roads to the south. For centuries, the only connection with the outside world and other villages on Karpathos, was through the port of Diafani. The village was much safer from attacks, but closed off from the world and that’s what makes Olympos so interesting – after moving the city up in the mountains, the residents lived in a well protected place and preserved their traditions, customs, and dialect, which originated from the ancient Doric people. Today the population of the village is about 400 in high season, whereas approximately 150 live in Olympos all year round. Because of it’s uniqueness and traditions, the Karpathian people says that Olympos is a living folklore museum, with an idyllic atmosphere. It’s definitely worth a visit!

Have you ever been to Olympos before?

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