My 2019 Summer Bucketlist


We are already in the end of May and I can’t believe how fast the time is flying!
With the wonderful summer season ahead of us, I am looking forward to longer and brighter days, warmer temperatures, less clothes (goodbye jackets!), and lots of fun!

I do think each season has it’s charm, but summer is definitely one of my favorites. My experience is that the summer usually runs by way to fast, I therefore want to make the most of it. In case you need some inspiration for your summer Bucketlist, here’s mine;

☀️ Go berry picking and make delicious homemade jam

☀️ Visit the Koster Islands in Sweden

☀️ Visit and support a local farmers market

☀️ Jam to the music & dance the night away at Stavernsfestivalen

☀️ Have an outdoor picnic

☀️ Have a beach bonfire with good friends

☀️ Invite friends over for a backyard barbecue

☀️ Spend (hopefully!) countless lazy days at the beach

☀️ Spend a weekend at Strømstad SPA Hotel with the family

☀️ Make homemade lemonade from scratch

☀️ Read at least 10 new books

☀️ Take advantage of my bike and go for many bike rides in fresh air

☀️ Go on a road trip someplace new

☀️ Visit my little sister in the south of Norway

☀️ Sleep under the stars in an Hammock

☀️ Climb Gaustadtoppen

☀️ Enjoy delicious iced coffees in the sun & catch up with friends

☀️ Celebrate my birthday

☀️ Climb the Pulpit Rock in Stavanger, Norway

☀️ Try paddle-boarding

☀️ Visit a friend I haven’t seen in a while

Do you have any fun plans for the summer? Do tell! 🙂

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