Festival Survival Guide

Festival season has arrived yet again and as always, I’ll be at Stavernsfestivalen!
The best part about a festival is that there is so much to see and do. However, it can also get a little overwhelming when you’re dealing with many of your favorite bands, multiple stages, long lines, a huge festival area, and big crows of people.
Factor in the large group of friends you’re going with, and it adds up.. But that doesn’t mean that your festival experience will be unsuccessful – it’s rather the opposite! There are many things you can do to prepare for a festival, because let’s face it; with some tricks up you sleeve, your festival experience can be a better one! 🙂

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Picture s from last years festival

From personal experience, here are some of my best festival tips;

Get you festival wristband in advance
I’m telling you, this will save you a lot of time! The first day of the festival, many people are trading their tickets into festival wristbands by the festival entrance, so to say the lines are long is an understatement. If possible, get you wristband in advance before the festival. Stavernfestivalen offers their festival goers to pick up their wristbands one week in advance, which we always take advantage of. If you are going to Stavernsfestivalen, the different locations to pick up wristbands can be found here.

Load up you festival wristband in advance
Stavernsfestivalen has come along way since they used the paper festival wristbands, now they use Intellipay cashless payment technology, which is a digital payment system. The chip on your wristband is your “wallet” and is used for all payments at the festival area, such as food, drinks and general merchandise. You can also download an APP and create an account to re-fill your wristband. This system is not only more secure, but saves you lot’s of time because you don’t have to wait in line to top of your wristband – drink a beer and dance instead!

Agree on a meeting point for the group
We did that last year and it was such a great idea!
While we all head to the festival and agree that we should stay together the entire time, it’s time to be realistic and just realize that’s not gonna happen. People most likely want to listen to different artists, some head to the bar to buy beer, others need to use the restroom, and some wants to buy food – and that’s pretty much how it goes the entire festival weekend. In between all over the above, it’s also nice to sit down, listen to consents or talk to people, all while enjoying an ice cold beer in the (hopefully!) sun. Agreeing on a meeting point was a great idea, because you could always find someone at the meeting point if you decided to sit down for a minute.

Bring an “emergency festival kit” with you
I have my own “emergency festival kit” that I always bring with me – it contains painkillers (ibuprofen and paracetamol), sunscreen with high SPF, band-aids for blisters, sanitary products, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer. Even though hand sanitizers usually are available at the festival area, they have run out in the past and I don’t feel like eating my food without cleaning my hands. No thank you!

Fully charge a portable power bank
A portable charger is essential, because you phone is doomed to die at some point. I take a lot of pictures/videos, I use social media a lot and my friends and I call each other countless times during the festival to locate each other, which truly tap my battery faster. While some festivals do have phone charging points, it’s likely you have to wait on like for a long time to charge your phone, which means missing out on music and dancing – it’s not worth it!

Don’t forget your sunglasses
Sunglasses and festivals goes hand in hand, it’s kind of a package deal. They are not only used as one of the most frequent festival accessories, but a festival is probably the only place you can wear them if it’s dark or raining without people looking at you funny, hehe.. Not mention, they come in quite handy if the sun pops out because you don’t have to squint when watching your favorite artists play!

Drink lot’s of water
This is probably one of the most important notes, especially if it’s really warm outside! Festivals have you walking and dancing literally all day, burning considerably more calories (which also requires more water) and sweating (which dehydrates you even further), so don’t forget to drink enough water to stay hydrated. A general rule to follow is 1 cup of alcohol/1 cup of water! For those of you going to Stavernsfestivalen, water and free cups are available near most restroom areas!

Enjoy all the madness & have an amazing time!

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