Five things I want to do in August

I can’t believe we’re already one week into August, it feels like summer just started..
At the beginning of the summer, I created a 2019 Summer Bucketlist displaying all the things I wanted to do this summer. Despite working full time, I was determined to make the most out of the summer and looking back, I did check off quite a few points on my Bucketlist; I celebrated my birthday with a handful of great friends, went on a road trip some place new and climbed Gaustadtoppen, jammed to the music at Stavernfestivalen, spent lazy days at the beach, read some new books, spent a weekend at the Strømstad SPA Hotel with the family, and enjoyed many delicious iced coffees in the sun while catching up with good friends.. It’s been a great summer so far! ☀️ 🙂

Summer is not over yet and I plan to enjoy August to the fullest, and if you’re interested – here are five things I want to do in August;

#1. Get back into a good workout routine
My workout routine has been pretty much absent all summer (e.g. inside the gym).
While I have been going for walks and bike-rides outside, I can’t wait to get back into a good workout routine at the gym again at – hello lifting weights, yoga, spin class and body pump!
Physical activity is my personal quality time; it allows me to zone out, relax and get my endorphin rush going, my mood stabilizes, I sleep better and I feel overall like a much better version of myself. I started this morning with a 45 min spin class and I feel great!

#2. Prepare and pack for our vacation
We’re heading to Turkey for a two weeks vacation in beginning of September and departure day can’t come soon enough! I’m looking forward to a much-needed vacation filled with lazy days at the beach, sunshine and warm weather, tons of delicious food, SPA treatments, some exploring and just total relaxation!

#3. Paint our hallway & livingroom
I want to paint our hallway and livingroom in a grey-blue ish color and I hope to make it before we leave for vacation in the beginning of September!

#4. Frame pictures do decorate our living room and hallway
In order to decorate (and try something completely new!), I want to create a photo-wall filled with pictures of friends and family after we’re done paining the hallway. I’m also framing our wedding pictures (bigger portrait) for our livingroom. I have so many pictures that serves as great memories and it would be a shame to not put them up on the walls!

#5. Read more books
I love reading as it allows me to completely zone out and relax. I bought a couple of new books this summer (and I have plenty unread ones in my book shelf!) that I plan on finishing and if not, I’ll definitely bring them on vacation!

Are you doing anything fun in August? 🙂

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