Five things I want to do in October

As we’re almost halfway through October, I try to enjoy the beautiful fall season to the fullest before the winter fully kicks inn.. I’m not ready for that just yet! So far we’ve celebrated my husband’s birthday, I went to Sweden with a good friend, tried out new recipes in the kitchen, and spent lot’s of time outside in fresh air.. Fall is truly one of my favorite seasons! πŸ‚πŸ˜ŠπŸƒπŸ

And in case you’re interested or maybe need some inspiration, here’s 5 things I want to do in October

Have an outdoor bonfire night with friends
There’s nothing better than gathering a group of good friends and spend an evening outside; soak in the cool and crisp air, have a bonfire, enjoy delicious food, drinks & snacks, and not to mention the great conversations and quality time you have with you friends – it’s the best!

Carve a pumpkin for Halloween
Even though we’re not celebrating Halloween with our traditional Halloween party this year, I still want to carve a pumpkin. It’s such a charming part of preparing and decorating for Halloween, it’s truly set’s the mood + it’s such a fun thing to do!

Start christmas present shopping early
So, I have a confession to make; I already started shopping for christmas presents. A few years back I made myself a promise to be done with the christmas present shopping before December 1st and I’ve been sticking to that ever since. First of all, it allows you to truly enjoy the month of December without running around stores like a headless chicken to find last minute christmas presents like everyone else. Another great aspect of starting early, is that you’ll get a lot of good bargains! Instead, I choose to spend my time with friends, bake christmas cookies, and do other fun things. It feels great – you should try it!

Watch my favorite Halloween movie “Hocus Pocus”
Hocus Pocus has been my favorite Halloween movie for as long as I can remember. The plot takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, which takes Halloween to a whole new level with it’s amazing Halloween decoration, witch trial history and amazing costumes. This movie is the “kiddie” version of a horror movie, which is the reason why many people find it so good and scary at the same time. I’ll definitely bundle up with a warm blanket and some snacks to watch it!

Try out some new fall soup recipes
Colder seasons (fall, winter and early spring!) demands for warmer comfort food, so there’s no better time to try out some new soup recipes! While I do have my favorites, I’m always looking for new recipes to try. After a quick search online, I would like to try this Cauliflower Soup with Hazelnuts and Bacon, this Thai inspired Chicken Khao Soi Soup, and this Creamy Tomato Soup with Cheese Toasties. If you have any good fall soup recipes to recommend, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!

Do you have any fun things planned in October? 😊

3 thoughts on “Five things I want to do in October

      1. This pandemic got in the way of a number of things: two musicals did get postponed- the other was Anastasia. No Parish Weekend at Kanuga (Episcopalian Conference Center).


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