Homemade Apple Jam

Fall is the perfect season for apple picking and there are several ways to use them.. How about this homemade apple jam? With a golden color, sweet chunky texture and a hint of cinnamon, this apple jam is perfect on a slice of fresh bread, on top of your granola or maybe in a dessert..
Another big plus – it’s super quick and easy to make & almost free! 🙂

You can use any apples you want, but try to take advantage of the apples you can pick outside. If you don’t have an apple, tree don’t hesitate to ask someone that does, as many are happy that people use them instead of having to clean up tons of rotten apples from the ground..
It’s a win win for all!

A bucket of fresh apples (I used a 10 liter) – a splash of lemon juice – a pinch of cinnamon – 5 tbs of sugar

Fill a large bowl of water and add a splash of lemon juice. Peel and quarter all the apples, add them to the water as you work. The lemon water will prevent your apples of turning brown.

Add water, the apple peel and a splash of lemon juice into a big heavy bottomed pot and bring to a boil. Stir regularly and let it simmer for approximately 15 minutes. Once done, remove and throw away the apple peel. The lemon/apple peel infused water is the base for your jam.

Add the apples to the pot, along with the sugar and boil for approximately 30 minutes until you get a thick, chunky texture. Remember to stir often and be careful, as the jam is very hot. Depending on how you want your jam (liquid or with chunks of apples in it) and how big your chunks of apples are, you might need a stick blender if you want a liquid texture. I personally prefer small chunks of apples in it. Add cinnamon and taste to at the end.

Cool off before pouring into clean, sterilized jars or food containers (make sure you can freeze them). Keep in refrigerator for up until 5-6 days.


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