The Apps I use the most

Most people depend on their phone in almost everything they do, from listening to music or podcasts on the run, reading news, sending emails, making phone calls, and to keep our self updated on social media, myself included.. And while some might argue it’s a negative thing, it’s also made our lives easier in many ways! Here are the apps I use the most in daily life (and maybe you’ll be inspired to download some apps that could make your life easier as well!).. 😊

Social Media
Facebook, Snapchat, LiveCollage, WordPress and Instagram are the apps I use for social media. While my Facebook and Snapchat account are set to private, my Instagram account are open to the public. I use Facebook mainly to keep in contact with close friends from around the world and Snapchat to keep myself updated on everything that going on in my friend’s life. LiveCollage is great to use when creating different collages, both for Instagram and to save on your phone for later purposes. Instagram is a great tool for inspiration. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Instagram. WordPress is the platform I use for blogging, where I also bought my own domain. If you’re looking into starting a blog, I recommend WordPress, as it’s a very easy step-by-step platform to use.

KLM, Fly Delta, Ryanair, and TripAdvisor are the apps I use most for traveling purposes. I’m holding a Delta SkyMiles Membership, so the Fly Delta app makes everything a lot easier – it displays my membership status + number, holds a booking function, I can check my flight status, information about Delta Sky Club, airport maps, and I can track my luggage using the “Track My Bags” function. KLM and Delta are cooperative partners, which means I receive miles when flying with KLM (and other cooperative partners). I added my SkyMiles number to the KLM app, so whenever I book a KLM flight, my miles are automatically added to my Delta SkyMiles membership upon booking. It’s very convenient! We often fly Ryanair for small get-away trips and using their Ryanair app is very easy. Being a low price airline, Ryanair have lot’s of “hidden fees” (e.g. for printing your boarding pass for example). However, those days are by – use the app to get an overview over upcoming trips, to check in and download your boarding pass, receive your flight information and to download their latest flight magazine. is the best app for hotel bookings and rental cars. Sign up for their membership (it’s called Genius Member and it’s free!) and receive lot’s of great hotel offers for Genius members only. You can view/manage your future bookings in the app, check your Genius status and reward, and order transportation (taxi/rental car) through their app. TripAdvisor is a great to use for both restaurant and hotel recommendations/reviews and things to do. We use it all the time for restaurant recommendations when traveling, and we’ve never ended up at a bad restaurant, so it’s safe to say that TripAdvisor is pretty reliable.

Vipps and DNB Mobilbank are the main apps I use for financial purposes.
Vipps is an app that allows direct money transfer regardless of your bank, you can send money requests to people, view all your transactions, pay your bills, and some places also accepts Vipps as a form of payment (which comes in handy if you forgot your credit card!). DNB mobilbank is my online bank account that provides many of the similar services as Vipps, but it also display my loans + mortgages, holds information about your point of contact in the bank, and display all my savings.

Netflix, Spotify, Viaplay, TV 2 Sumo, NRK TV, the Apple Podcast App and myTuner Radio are the apps I use for entertainment. I use Netflix and Viaplay to watch movies and my favorite tv-series and Spotify to listen to music, especially when working out (you can make your own playlists). On Tv 2 Sumo and NRK TV you can watch movies and tv-series, but also a wide range of Norwegian tv-shows are availible. The Apple Podcast app is one of the apps I use most frequently today, you can find any podcast in this app. myTuner Radio is great if you want to listen to the radio, as it displays most Norwegian radio channels.

News & Email
To keep myself updated on the news, I read VG, Dagbladet and Afterposten everyday. The three main news papers in Norway covers the entire news picture from all over the world. I use the Gmail app for email purposes, both for my blog and private purposes.

Besides working out, I’ve made mindfulness and meditation a part of my life.
Two apps I use a lot is the Insight Timer and Calm. Insight Timer has an insanely huge library of content, including nearly 13,000 guided meditations from over 2,600 teachers on topics like stress, relationships, creativity, and more. Calm’s free offerings include basic mindfulness practices. These free meditations, about 25 in total, come in different lengths, from a quick 3-minute meditation to a half-hour sit. You can start off with 7 Days of Calm, a week-long beginners’ series that includes practices for cultivating awareness, returning to the breath when the mind wanders, and training for how to bounce back when the brain switches into “autopilot mode.” Calm also offers free sleep stories, a calm music section, and shorter meditation series. Both apps are completely free, with in-app purchases available. I also holds a Family Sports Club gym membership, so I use their app for signing in, to open doors, and to register for different workout classes.

Grocery Shopping
Æ, Coop and Mattilbud are my favorite apps for grocery shopping. Mattilbud displays all stores and their individual offers each week. When signing up, you fill in your zip code and county, so the app easily locates the offers in your area. Æ and Coop are apps for individual stores, which lists individuals offers available, but also display your shopping history and different coupons.

What apps do you use most frequently? 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Apps I use the most

  1. I use Instagram the most, plus the few games I play once in a while. I love Libby, which connects to our local library and you can read or listen to free books. Also there’s Podbean for the podcasts I subscribe to. 😀 I followed you on Instagram!


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