Random Acts of Kindness

Being kind can have an impact on your psychological and physical health. Kindness is a behavioral response of compassion and actions that are selfless, and it’s often undervalued. Why is that? Kindness are often linked to happiness, and if you become happy and someone else is happy, there’s no reason to not be kind. Being kind to your fellow people can be displayed in many ways and it’s often the little things that truly makes an impact. Here are some Acts of Kindness you can perform to make the day better, both for yourself and someone else;

♥ Help someone before they ask

♥ Offer to babysit for free if someone needs a date-night

♥ Smile and say hello to a stranger

♥ Leave letters of encouragement on other people’s cars

♥ Let someone go in front of you in line

♥ Do a favor without asking for anything in return

♥ Hold the door open to someone

♥ Give up your seat to someone else on the bus/train

♥ Compliment a co-worker for the good job they do

♥ Run an errand for someone

♥ Make breakfast in bed for your significant other

♥ Suprise visit a good friend

♥ Visit a senior center and talk to the elderly (who often feel alone)

There are all little things that can make a huge impact in someone’s life and it’s all for free. Hopefully it will inspire you to do something kind for someone.. 😊

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