My Favorite Christmas Movies

Home Alone 1 and 2
The Home Alone movies are the most iconic christmas movies of all times!
In the first movie, the McKalister family prepares for christmas in Paris when they accidentally leave their son Kevin at home. When stumbling upon the nasty villains Harry & Marv, Kevin does whatever it takes to protect his house and prevent more break-ins around the neighborhood. In the second movie, the plot takes place in New York. Kevin is accidentally sent on a plane to New York while the rest of the family ends up on Florida. He checks into the Plaza hotel on his dads credit card and try to enjoy New York, when he again runs into Harry & Marv and does whatever it takes to escape them. I guarantee that Kevin McKalister & CO along with the two villains will provide a lot of laughter and get you in a christmas mood!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Clark Griswold and his family are planning a large-scale christmas celebration at home with everything that entails, including a house fully covered (literally!) in christmas lights, turkey dinner gone wrong, and of course the decorating of the famous christmas tree. Quickly after arriving, relatives starts bickering and some unannounced family members shows up, which lead to a christmas celebration like no other. There’s something cozy about this movie, where family, gratitude and traditions are in focus and combined with some hysterically funny scenes, I’ll guarantee that the laughter sit loose!

Miracle on 34th Street
This movie takes place between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day in New York City. Little Susan (age 8) learned early on that neither fairy tales are real nor that Santa Clause exists, something that has made a big mark on a little girl. Her mom Doris is an executive at Macy’s and is responsible for the Thanksgiving Day parade. When the Santa Claus she has hired shows up drunk, he’s suddenly replaced. Susan’s neighbor takes her to visit Kris Kringle at Macy’s Department Store and discover that Susan has really lost her faith in Santa Clause. But after meeting Kris Kringle, she truly starts to wonder if he exists. This is a heartwarming holiday story about the importance of childhood wonder, trust, and standing up for what you believe in.

The Holiday
In this heartwarming movie, two women troubled with guy-problems swap homes in each other’s countries, where they each meet a local guy and fall in love. Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet) is a writer in England, who has fallen in love with her colleague. Closer to christmas she’s informed that he’s engaged to another college and completely falls apart. Alongside in LA, Amanda Woords (Cameron Diaz) has just broken up with her unfaithful boyfriends that she’s desperately trying to forget. Both dying to get away from their respective homes, they house-swap through an house exchange website. Unexpected love, great company, increased self-esteem and holiday mood is what you can expect.

The Santa Clause
This is one of the first christmas movies I saw as a child and I thought it was absolutely magical! Scott Calvin is frustrated that his son Charlie doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, after his mother and new step-father convinced his that he doesn’t exist. Charlie spends christmas eve with his father when a noise of the roof brings them outside, believing it’s a burglar on the roof. After scarring him (Santa Claus), he falls of the roof and due to a legal technicality know as “The Santa Clause”, Scott inherits the role as Santa Claus. As the next year passes, he grows a white beard and gains a lot of weight, which leads Charlie to regain his christmas spirit and believe in Santa Clause.

Christmas Inheritance
As one of the newer christmas movies, this is one of my favorites. Ellen Langford is employed in her family company “Home and Heart Gifts”, where she plans to assume the position as CEO when her father retires. She has a strong focus on how the company is promoted in the media and has received the nickname “Party Heiress”, which she’s not to fond off. After a huge public embarrassment at the annual company christmas party, her father wants Ellen to return to the small town of Snow Falls, the town where Home and Heart Gifts came to life. He wants her to deliver the annual christmas letters, get to know the local people of Snow Falls, and hopefully learn about the core of the family business. Filled with love, gratitude and good values, this movie is the perfect example of how you shouldn’t underestimate other people and how you can always learn something from everyone.

The Family Stone
We follow the christmas holiday misadventures of the Stone Family in a small New England town, where the oldest son brings home his uptight girlfriend whom he plan on giving the family ring for marriage. With a somewhat hesitant family who dislike his girlfriend, this proves to be quite the challenge. This movie is filled with love, hesitation and with a focus on strong family values. With Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton and Rachel McAdams in the leading roles, this is a movie you don’t want to miss!

Christmas with a view
This is also a newer christmas movie, but still a favorite. Clara Garrison is the lead manager at Thunder Mountain Ski Resort, a hotel known for it’s high standard, regular guests, and excellent quality. Right before the busy christmas season, the hotel decide to hire celebrity chef Shane Roarke as the lead chef. Clara is more focused on getting resettled after her failed attempt at opening a big city restaurant rather than being exited about Shane’s presence. With their paths constantly crossing, their passion for the restaurant industry and good food brings them closer, yet challenges arrive. This movie is warm, cozy and provides a “feel-good” feeling, definitely worth seeing!

Do you have any favorite christmas movies? ♥

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