Checking of my Bucketlist ☑️

Hi everyone, and merry christmas! ♥️ This christmas flew by in a blink of an eye and even though it’s not over just yet, I have to say I’m really exited for new years eve and a new year – a new year means a clean slate, which I’m so ready for! I’m really exited for 2020; everything I hope to experience, achieve on a personal and professional level, and not to mention all the traveling I hope to do! 🙂

But now to the purpose of this post; I’m checking off another point on my Bucketlist – “Help someone in need”. I have to say it feels rather bittersweet to check off this point, because it makes it more real – this is unfortunately the everyday life for so many people. This year I decided to volunteer for a local non-profit organization that helps individuals in need and to my surprise, there was a lot more people than I expected, especially around the holidays. As a volunteer, I gathered christmas presents, stockings filled with candy, and asked for food donations or gift cards to purchase food for those in need. It was heartwarming to see how generous people were in the months leading up to December and I feel proud to know so many goodhearted people. We were two people responsible for my hometown and my neighbor town, where 8 families including 12 children needed help with everything from christmas decorations, food on the table, stockings, and christmas presents. We were able to help them with everything and every child got an average of 6-7 presents.. It felt great and so rewarding to be a part of this, especially when you experience how little it takes to make someone so happy and thankful.. It definitely put things in perspective and I’ll definitely continue to be a part of this the future! ♥

Have you ever done any form of volunteer work or helped someone in need? If not, it’s something I highly recommend. If you can’t find the time to volunteer per se, there are many other things you can do to help; donate small items such as clothes or things you don’t use or maybe donate a gift card at a grocery store.. It’s the little things that truly helps! ♥

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