Project “Sell 100 things in 2020”

NB; the links in this post is in Norwegian, but the concept discussed can be applied to anyone.

Last year I came across the Norwegian podcast and website Pengesnakk, written by Lise Kristoffersen – a blog and podcast with focus on becoming more financially responsible and to get your finances back on track. She started a project called “sell 100“, where you’re suppose to sell 100 things you no longer use. This has become widely popular! At the end of last year I decided to try this, so I had a big clean-up in my apartment, basement and attic – the goal was to sort out, donate, give away or sell all the things I no longer use, and I’m planning on continue doing the same in 2020. Let me tell you; this is a great way to clean and organize your home and at the same time make money for the things you no longer use. It’s like they say – “one mans trash is another mans treasure!”

Lise designed a form you can download for free and use to document your sales. So far I’ve sold 14 items in 2020, ranging from workout clothes, kitchen items, clothes, furniture, blankets, etc. All the money I make off of sales goes directly into our holiday savings account, which comes in handy since we’re currently saving for an upcoming family trip to Thailand next year. These sales = unexpected extra vacation money that we’ll spend on whatever we want!

This is a list over all the things I’ve sold so far in 2020. Its a simple document I created in Word to keep track over how many things I’ve sold!

Why sell things you no longer use?

#1. To get rid of things you no longer use or need. It’s unnecessary to hold onto things that doesn’t do anything good for you, they just take up your space.

#2. You make money and you can spend those money on whatever you like. Thinking about a vacation? Save up! You can also add them into a high interest savings account, into your retirement account, build/fill up a buffer account for unforeseen expenses, pay down debt, or maybe invest them? The options are many!

#3. It’s good for the environment. More people are becoming aware of the environmental challenges we’re facing today, which had lead to an overall increase in second hand shopping. It also feels good to pass on great items to others – people save money, you make money, and you help the environment – it’s a win-win for everyone!

#4. When you get used to selling your stuff, it becomes more appealing to buy second hand as well. Many people choose sell things online and if you need something, the chance that you’ll find it online is very high.

#5. To sell 100 items is a job. You have to find and sort thing you want to sell, take decent pictures, post appealing adds online, communicate with potential buyers, and make appointments for pick-up/drop-offs. This also makes you carefully consider your future purchases and where you spend your money as well. Getting rid of so many things so far, I now know that there’s so many things I no longer need. In this case, I would say quality over quantity any day!

Do you sell the things you no longer use? Or do you buy second hand? I would love to hear! 🙂

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