My Norwegian favorite podcasts🎙

About a year ago I discovered the world a podcasts – a world where not only celebrities, academics, and journalists got their own audio show, but regular people as well. Anyone can create one and podcasts has never been more popular! Last year I wrote a blog post about my favorite podcasts, 2 in English and 2 in Norwegian. (you can find it here). These podcasts are still my favorites today and while I prefer listening to English speaking podcasts, I’ve also gained some Norwegian favorites along the way. I listen to podcasts often, whether I’m in the shower, going for a walk outside, cleaning my apartments, cooking a meal, having a break at work or driving.. Podcasts are amazing entertainment! 🙂

Here are 4 Norwegian favorite podcasts right now;

Ă…pen Journal med Katharina og Harald
This podcast is run by the doctor student/doctor duo Katarina Flatland and Harald Dobloug. As indicated in the tittle, this podcast address various medical topics including antibiotics, stress, the necessity of regular health check ups, the connection and relation between exercise and medical conditions/illnesses, alcohol, embarrassing doctors visits, medical myths, and the challenges surrouding the term “Dr. Google” to mention a few. Some of their previous interviewees include Harald Rønneberg, Silje Nordnes, Ina Svenningdal, Einar Tørnquist, Anders Hoff, Erik Solbakken og Marte Bratberg. Every episode includes a medical quiz between Katharina and their guest and they always provide their listeners with a medical tip. This podcast is filled with humor and Katarina & Harald are the perfect combo for hosting a podcast!

If you’re interested in true crime, this is the podcast for you!
The Baneheia murders is a notorious case of double rape-and murder that occurred in Norway in May 2000. The victims were two girls, age 8 and 10, who were found raped and killed in Baneheia Kristiansand. Two persons were convicted and sentenced for the murders in 2002, but the case has been rocking the boat for many years. In the trial, the prosecution and the press created two widely different images of the accused and the prosecution’s case was based exclusively on one of the defendants explanation. There was no technical evidence presented. The other offender denied then and still denies any knowledge of the crime. The case received massive media attention in Norway in the 2000’s and also attracted attention abroad. Baneheia is a podcast created by Lyder Productions for TV2 (one of the main television channels in Norway) and is a true crime story about what happens to an individual’s rights when a whole nation has decided he is guilty. Do the police, the press and the judiciary system manage to keep emotions at bay and ensure fair treatment of the suspects in the hunt for the right culprit?
In this podcast, you’ll be taken through each step of the process, from the day of the arrest to the day of sentencing, and a interview with one of the defendants almost 20 years later.

Harm & Hegseth
This podcast is hosted by the tv-personality and journalist duo Vegard Harm & Morten Hegseth and is the definition of entertainment! Filled with lot’s of humor (which is one of the main reasons I love it!), they talk about celebrities, general gossip, and first class problems in life in a humorous way. I’ve caught myself laughing out loud alone several times listening to this podcast, which is always a good sign. If you’re looking for some easy entertainment (in the best possible way!) this is the podcast for you!

Karrierepodden med Kristine Ullebø
This podcast is hosted by blogger, part-time model and actor Kristine Ullebø. She is one of the last people I expected to launch a podcast, but despite her young age, she’s doing an incredible job. In my opinion, she is as close as it gets to a professional journalist! During interviews, she ask questions about their daily life to their career path, the key to success and everything in between. She has the ability to ask reflected questions that leads to reflected and very interesting answers. Some of her previous interviewees include Sophie Elise, Jan Thomas, Kevin VĂĄgenes, Morten Hegseth, Kristin Gjeldsvik, Nora Mørk, Mads Gilbert, Thea Sofie Loch Næss, Ida Fladen and Rikke Gadja. In between, you can also find solo episodes, including “how to succeed in your job interview”, “how to write the perfect job application”, and “how to choose the right career”.

Happy listening! 🎙:)

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