A day well spent and future plans

Hello everyone, and happy Thursday! 🙂
After working Monday – Wednesday this week, I’m finally enjoying a a day off before a full working weekend ahead of me.. This day has been nothing but good so far – I slept inn, enjoyed a delicious breakfast, went for a two hour long walk outside soaking up some much needed sunshine and fresh air, had lunch, and as we speak, I’m sitting outside my favorite coffee shop sipping on a delicious iced-latte with caramel (which is my go-to coffee any day!). I really can’t complain! ☀️☕️

The Coastal Path – my favorite outdoor area!
Coffee outside in fresh air..

Entering 2020, one of my goals this year was to be more consistent in my updates on this blog and with this being fourth blog post in six days, I feel like I’m a good track here. The challenge is to keep it that way. One of my main challenges (or excuses) for the lack of updates in the past, even to myself, was the minimum time I had available. But I have come to realize one thing – you have the time to do anything you want, you just need to figure out your priorities. And I have made myself a promise to make this blog a priority, because I love doing this. I get to be creative, do research, read other blogs, take pictures, and talk to different people from all over..
Another goal is to focus more on networking (both in Norway and internationally) and I’m thinking about creating an Instagram account for this blog. One shouldn’t underestimate the value of networking, especially in these days, as it’s often comes down to who you know in any arena in life. Networking is the future!

Do you use networking in your life, both personally and business wise? I would love to hear! Have a great day everyone! 🙂

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