My best flea market finds

I absolutely love flea markets! The feeling of browsing through markets looking for hidden treasures; maybe you’ll find pieces filled with a deep history you know nothing about and you can also find things nobody else has.. A major plus is that things are often cheaper (you save money!) and you buy second-hand (you do something for the environment). It’s not only a win-win for all parties, but also lot’s of fun!

Here’s my best flea market finds so far;

My Living Room Coffee Table

Stainless Steal Wine Cooler

Vintage Tea Bag Container

I love each of these items, especially my coffee table. I have been looking for a coffee table in a rustic looking design for a long time, but never found anything I liked. If I did find something close to what I wanted, it was so expensive it wasn’t even an option (I mean, it’s just a table and I would probably get tired of it eventually, am I right?). I was so happy when I found this table and the part part? The price! It was only 50,- ($5)! The glass decanter and wine cooler will also be great a great addition to my future bar-cart! 🙂

Do you like flea markets? And what are some of your best bargains?

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