Hello March!

Spring is officially here! Or, at least if you look at the calendar.. We have been blessed with the warmest winter without snow so far, so I have to admit my heart dropped when I woke up to snow a couple of days ago. As we speak it’s raining outside and the snow is finally melting, which is totally fine with me. March is the ultimate spring month and I’m so exited for warmer temperatures, hopefully sunshine, longer and brighter days, and to spend more time outside. But in the meantime..

Here’s what I’m looking forward to in March;

Girls trip abroad
I’m going on a all girls trip to Krakow in the last weekend in March and I’m so exited! We (us girls) have been talking about going on a girls trip forever and now we finally found the time. I can’t wait to spend quality time with the girls, do some shopping, enjoy good food and delicious drinks, squeeze in a little sightseeing (I want to explore the Jewish Quarter), try out the Krakow nightlife, get a massage, and soak in everything Krakow has to offer!

Remain consistent in my updates on this blog
One of my main goals for 2020 was to remain consistent in my updates on this blog and while I think I’ve done a pretty good job in February (13 updates), there is always room for improvement. My goal for March is to update this blog every other day, so a total of 16 blog posts throughout the month. This really shouldn’t be a problem as I love what I’m doing. Currently prepping many fun topics, so stay tuned!

Have a vegetarian week
After making the most delicious creamy tomato soup last week, I’m more eager to explore the vegetarian world. One of the main reasons for eating more vegetarian food, is to consume more greens and vegetables (I know I don’t eat enough) and to see if it has an impact on how I feel after a meal. This is not to say that I’ll be a full blown vegetarian, but it’s fun to experiment in the kitchen. I have my eyes set on a handful of recipes, which I’ll be sharing on the blog.

♥ Do research on traveling in South-East Asia & Australia
I love traveling and it will always be a priority in my life. We are heading to Thailand on a family vacation next year, but my dream is to explore more of the world in the future. I have my eyes set on South-East Asia and Australia; I want to visit and explore the real side of
Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Australia and Sri Lanka. Early planning is the key to success and our goal is to get the most out of this trip for as little money as possible. Have you been to any of these places? Any tips, tricks and recommendations are highly appreciated!

♥ Spend more time outside in fresh air
To me, March is the definition of Spring, which means spending more time outside in fresh air. We’re talking outdoor bonfire nights, many walks along the Coastal Path, hiking someplace new and be outside in general.. I love spending time outside! Did you know that there are many benefits of spending time outside in fresh air? You’ll have increased energy, improved digestion, cleaner lungs, it’s help bolster your immune system and have an overall impact on your physical health – all good reasons to get outside!

Do you have any fun plans in March? 🙂🌸

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