Free Bucketlist ideas!

When I was writing my Bucketlist a while back, I became aware of how many things that came with an actual cost and it gave me an idea – to make a Bucketlist with ideas that doesn’t (hardly) cost anything! At first I thought it would be a big challenge to come up with some ideas, but to my surprise, it wasn’t hard at all.. While some ideas require a little cost (which you can solve easily by using food you already have at home, take advantage of your current gym membership, borrow items from others, etc), most of the ideas are completely free!

– Try “plogging” (Read more about it here)
– Start a non-profit organization
– Spend quality time with your significant other
– Go for a walk outside in fresh air
– Try canoeing/kayaking
– Go camping
– Remodel a piece of furniture you got for free
– Sleep outside in a hammock
– Read a book in the sun
– Re-connect with an old friend
– Run a (half)marathon
– Volunteer for a good cause
– Make something new for dinner
– Donate blood (if you can handle needles)
– Paint a picture
– Have a beach bonfire
– Do something nice for a stranger
– Mediate (use free meditation apps)
– Try a new workout class (use your gym membership)
– Invite friends over for a barbecue
– Hike a new trail
– Complete a big puzzle
– Grow a herb harden at home
– Finish a crossword puzzle
– Write a letter to your future self
– Suprise someone
– Be a tourist in your own town
– Be a tourist in a new town
– Enjoy a late breakfast in bed and watch Netflix
– Become an organ donor
– Hand-write a letter to someone special
– Do a charity walk
– Invite friends over for a movie night
– Sleep under the stars
– Learn to knit
– Make a homemade beauty product
– Go completely offline for 24 hours
– Spend a full day at the beach
– Go berry picking and make your own jam
– Talk to a stranger
– Bring food/bakes goods to someone sick
– Adopt a pet (if you don’t have one)
– Make seasonal gifts to your friends
– Watch a favorite movie trilogy
– Play Yahtzee/playing cards
– Watch the sunrise & sunset
– Go for a bike ride outside in fresh air
– Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while
– Go cross-country skiing
– Be someone’s mentor
– Sing karaoke at a bar
– Learn to do the perfect push-ups/pull-ups
– Create a passive income product
– Have an outdoor picnic
– Attend a free show/concert/conference
– Go fishing and catch your dinner
– Visit your local library and read books for free
– Make homemade popsicles
– Have a girlfriend’s sleepover
– Go on a road trip someplace new
– Make homemade ice cream
– Visit a museum of interest
– Have a full SPA day at home
– Go skinny dipping
– Play an outdoor game (volleyball, football, basketball)
– Learn a new language
– Make smore’s on a camp fire
– Start a petition to make a difference
– Play a board game
– Locate new/listen to your favorite podcasts
– Clean out your apartment/basement and throw away/donate/sell things
– Help out in your neighborhood
– Host a clothing-swap party
– Take a long soaking bath and relax
– Bring watch a favorite tv-show
– Go ice skating
– Swim in the rain
– Go on a cabin trip (borrow a cabin for free)
– Make a gratitude journal
_ Try a new baking recipe
– Participate in “free hugs”
– Create your own personal recipe book
– Host a dinner party at home
– Meet someone through networking
– Be a pen-pal
– Be determined and quit a bad habit
– Join a free club or team
– Start a club of your interest
– Do your own manicure/pedicure
– Complete and document a 365 day photo project
– Go for a run outside
– Make your own library at home (people give away books for free all the time)
– Do a detox cleanse
– Collect money for a good cause you’re passionate about
– Have a movie marathon
– Try a new workout class
– Start a petition
– Handpick wildflowers and give them to someone you care for
– Create an outdoor movie theater at home
– Make and enjoy your dinner outside in nature

I hope you can take advantage of this guide to get some ideas on things you can do without ripping off your wallet completely.. Enjoy! 🙂

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