Coffee Heaven

Aaaah, coffee – it’s so much more than just a drink. Whether you’re a casual coffee drinker or consider yourself a connoisseur, you know a good cup of coffee when you see it. With so many great coffee options at hand, you’re always guaranteed to find something you like! I spend a lot of money on coffee (even though I try my best to cut down!), but it’s simply just one of few things that brings me so much joy. It’s not just the coffee itself, but it’s a great way to be social.. I often meet friends over a cup of coffee or a lunch, sometimes both.. Coffee er great conversations starters and I actually met a couple of my best friends at a coffee shop! I love cold coffees and my go-to coffee has always been a iced latte with a shot of caramel, but that was until I was served this deliciousness of a coffee today – just look at this coffee!

It’s very similar to a Greek Frappe; it’s cold milk, sugar, and strong Nescafe coffee poured over large ice cubes. So easy and so good, so I’m definitely going to make this at home!
This is the perfect coffee drink to serve along with the nice and warm weather we’re having right now (even though I would drink it on any rainy day as well!). Cheers!

What about you; do you prefer cold or warm coffees?

4 thoughts on “Coffee Heaven

  1. I’m here because it’s a coffee post and coffee, in general, needs appreciation every day. It’s also weird of to enjoy a hot coffee year round. I’m so picky with cold coffee!


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