2 New Favorite Podcasts (Norwegian)πŸŽ™

Aaah, I love podcasts! I listen to them all the time, whether I’m in the shower, cleaning, doing laundry, cooking or working out.. It’s a great way for me to unwind and relax, but to be productive at the same time. Lately I have gained a couple of new favorites (both in Norwegian), which I highly recommend! These two woman are bad ass – feel free to check them out!

β€œI Dybden – med Lene Orvikβ€œ
This podcast is hosted by Lene Orvik – an entrepreneur, blogger, designer, influencer and podcaster. In this podcast, Lene allows us to get to know her on a deeper personal level under the surface of social media. She aims to share her personal story about her life and inspire you to be the best version of yourself, and address various topics all of us can relate to including love and sex, single life, challenges surrounding depression and self-image, positive mind-sets, and how to be a successful entrepreneur and get as far as possible.. This podcast is great and if you’re looking for a motivational boost and positive vibe, check it out! Also, check out her Instagram account for a mixed dose of fashion, outdoor life, interior design, traveling, social life and friendship – this account always gets me in a good mood!

β€œG-Punkt med Iselin Guttormsenβ€œ
This podcast is hosted by Iselin Guttormsen – a bad ass lady who is a mother of 2, a certified sex therapist, blogger, TV-personality, lecturer and now podcaster. I love this podcast for many reasons; she is real, raw and honest. Nothing is left behind the scenes and more importantly; she address various topics that are often taboo and unspoken of. Important topics addressed are incest and sexual assault of children, how to talk about sexual boundaries with your children, culture, religious and sexual barriers, long-distance relationship and phone sex, unhealthy relationships, jealousy and break-ups, absence of sexual desire and sexual performance anxiety in a relationship, masturbation, porn, blow jobs, the challenges of being gay and anal sex, and when your partner is having an affair & the challenges surrounding infidelity. Excluding the first episode, she always interview a guest in each episode. A new episode is released every Sunday, you do not want to miss this one!

Happy listening! πŸŽ™

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