Taco bowl with the BEST avocado dressing!

Any taco dish is my go-to any day, but today I topped it with a little extra something – the best avocado dressing! It’s the perfect balance between the sweetness of the honey, the fire of the jalapeños, and of course the creamy avocado.. Paired with taco seasoned cauliflower rice, grounded beef, and your choice of veggies this taco dish with a twist is a must try – you will not be disappointed! 🌮💥🥑

Here’s what you need to make it (3 persons);

400 g grounded beef – taco seasoning – red onion – bell peppers (different colors) – corn – cherry tomatoes – salad – cucumber – cauliflower rice – lime – green scallions

Dressing; 1 avocado – 4 tbsp sour cream – 1 ts honey – a pinch of salt – 1 tbsp water – 1 garlic glove – a dash of olive oil – jalapeños

Make the grounded beef and add taco seasoning, set aside. Fry the peppers on medium heat with a splash of butter in the pan. For the cauliflower rice, you have two options; 1. you can make it yourself by cutting an half cooked cauliflower into pieces and pulse in a food processor until it turns into rice, or 2. you can buy it ready made (which is what I did). Gently fry the rice in the pan with sprinkles of salt, pepper and taco seasoning. Cut up all the vegetables and layer on a plate. To make the dressing, mix the avocado, lime juice, honey, olive oil, water, salt, sour cream and jalapeños in a food processor, blend until a smooth texture.


4 thoughts on “Taco bowl with the BEST avocado dressing!

  1. Yum yum yum! Tacobowls er supergodt og den dressingen hørtes fantastisk ut – den skal jeg definitivt prøve! Den er sikkert supergod på burrito også, altså alt med avokado er straight up my alley!:D Klem<3


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