Checking of my Bucketlist ✔️

Imagine waking up to this view after spending the night in a hammock – that’s what I did!

Last weekend my husband and I packed our bags, loaded up on food, snacks & drinks, and spent the night outside in fresh air. For the longest time I have wanted to sleep outside in an hammock and after getting our hands on a couple of hammocks last year, we finally took the time to use them, and guess what? I can’t recommend this enough! We had an absolute blast! 🙂 After getting our camp set and our hammocks ready for the night (which is the first thing you should do!), we made the best dinner; a bonfire-cooked steak! In advanced we prepared potatoes au gratin, a salad and fresh mushrooms we tossed in the pan with the steak. Accompanied with an ice cold beer outside in fresh air, it as the perfect meal!

Being outside also allowed us to enjoy each others company without any distractions – we put our phones away, had many great conversations and simply enjoyed the evening to the fullest. If you enjoy being outdoors, this is a great point to add to your Bucketlist. It’s completely free (you just need the proper equipment) and it’s also a covid-friendly activity. You’re outside in fresh air and it allows us to keep a distance from others, something that’s more important than ever – let’s all of us put in an joint effort to battle this virus!

Have you ever slept outside in a hammock? 🙂

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