5 things I look forward to in December

As I was writing the word December in the headline, I realized one thing; December is just around the corner! The final month of the year, which is also one of my favorite months. 2020 has been a dreadful year to say the least, so I can’t wait for a fresh start in 2021! Even though covid will still very much be on the agenda in 2021, I can only hope for a better year than 2020 on many levels. But until then, I’ll enjoy everything the wonderful month of December has to offer, including christmas and new years with the family!

Here’s 5 things I look forward to in December;

Starting a new job
I’m starting a new job on December 1st and I couldn’t be more exited! I’ll be working for the Norwegian Correctional Services, primarily with inmates who are serving their sentence in their home under the conditions of electronic monitoring (with an ankle bracelet). I was a criminal justice major in college and have a great interest in the area of sentencing and re-integration, so I’m very exited to get started. One of my goals for 2021 is to challenge myself more often, gain more work experience and impress in a new job, and this is a great opportunity!

Decorate our christmas tree
This year we are decorating our first big christmas tree in our apartment! We always spend the christmas at my parents house and our apartment is not to big, so we never had a big christmas tree (we only did a small fake one). But this year we’ve decided to get a real big one! My husband and I will decorate it together and I can’t wait to bring out all my favorite ornaments and welcome the christmas season into our livingroom. Decorating a christmas tree together is such a wonderful tradition! ❤

Volunteer and make a difference
I volunteer for a local non-profit organization that helps individuals in need and it’s in seasons like christmas you truly notice the increased need for help. We collect christmas presents, stockings filled with goodies, and food donations to make sure people can enjoy a worthy christmas celebrations. It always amazes me how kind and willing to help people are, especially around the holidays. Volunteering is cause that’s really dear to my heart and it’s so rewarding to help people in my own community. If you feel like helping out, I suggest looking into different organizations in your own community.

Invite friends over for a christmas lunch
In the world of covid and all the restrictions imposed on us, it’s hard to gather people together. All annual christmas parties are cancelled and you’re advised not to gather big groups of people. I therefore decided to invite a few girlfriends over for a christmas lunch at my place, where we can enjoy delicious food and each others company. Times are strange and with all the restrictions imposed on us, I think it’s even more important to bring a few people together to prevent problems such as loneliness, depression and anxiety. By taking necesarry precautions such as no personal contact, washing your hands, and keeping an acceptable social distance, inviting a few close friends over shouldn’t be a problem.

Do some christmas baking/cooking
I love cooking and baking, and this christmas season is no exception! I always make sugar candied almonds, toffee with sea salt, the most delicious egg salad, homemade granola, and I have quite a few backing recipes I often use as well (recipes will be up on the blog!). This year I’ve decided to try out a few new recipes, including pickled onions and a chocolate almond biscotti recipe. If you have any favorite recipes, feel free to link them in the comment section below!

December, you’re more than welcome! ❤

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