My best self-care tips right now

“Self-care is the mindset, activities, practices and habits we bring to bear against stress, unhappiness, illness, depression and negative emotions. It’s the most important thing to treat yourself with”

I think there are several ways to practice self-care and it’s something I have been reflecting over a lot lately. Besides soaking in fresh air and some much needed vitamin D (the weather has been AMAZING the last few days!), slowly incorporating better food habits and getting my regular physical activity on my agenda, I have decided to practice other forms of self-care. The moment I sat down with a piece of paper and a pen to write down the best self-care tips that works for me right now, I also became aware of how much I have changed as a person this past year. Priorities are shifting and I have a clear vision on how I want to spend my time..

Here’s my best self-care tips right now;

♥ Learn to love your own company
♥ Take “should” out of your vocabulary – stop feeling you “should” be doing things!
♥ Discover new podcasts about topics that interests you
♥ Say “no” to the things you don’t want to do
♥ Go for walks outside and soak up fresh air & some sunshine
♥ Stop talking about anything related to covid – so sick and tired of this!
♥ Cook up something new and exiting in the kitchen
♥ Develop an energizing morning ritual and drink water with ice + lemon
♥ Make a new spotify play-list with lots of feel good music

♥ Call, text or meet your friends someplace safe
♥ Do some quick breathing exercices, meditation and yoga
♥ Bundle up in a blanket and read more books
♥ Clean your home space, buy fresh flowers and light candles
♥ At-home-spa – take a nice long shower, manicure, pedicure and a cooling facial

How are you taking care of yourself these days? Do you have any favorite self-care tips? Share below! 👇🏼😀

2 thoughts on “My best self-care tips right now

  1. Love your tips! And I completely agree with not talking about Covid!!! I’m so over it!
    I’ve been trying to read more which is always so relaxing. And crochet! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Michelle! 😊 I get that we’re in a time where COVID is the center of attention, but it’s such a negative and energy draining topic, so yes – trying to avoid it as much as possible! 🥳💃🏻👏🏼

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