Spring Bucketlist!

Happy second day of spring! 💛
Personally, I must say it feels good to say that sentence out loud! It’s something symbolic about the month of March – the sun usually pops out, it’s getting warmer and I’m always exited to enjoy the first cup of ice coffee outside! ☀️☕️ March is without a doubt the first official month of spring! One of the most significant changes I’ve noticed in myself in line with the changing of the seasons, is my overall mood. There is a certain happiness that comes with warmer temperatures, sunshine, flowers that starts to blossom, and being able to spend time outside without heavy winter clothes on. I also notice a change in others – people are more positive, eager to meet up, smile more and generate a more positve vibe. There is no doubdt that warmer weather and sunshine affects all of us! And like always, here’s my seasonal Bucketlist! 🌸🐥🌷☀️🐣☕️💛


– Do a staycation at Farris Bad SPA Hotel
– Look for treasures at the flea market
– Enjoy iced lattes outside in the sun
– Re-connect with a friend I haven’t talked to in a while
– Try a new recipe in the kitchen
– Go on a bikeride
– Start planting (I’m thiking flowers, herbs and tomatoes!)
– Walk the Coastal Path
– Get exited for easter (easter eggs, dinner, etc!)
– Try a new restaurant
– Have a sleepover with girlfriends
– Invite friends over for barbeque + drinks
– Go to the movies (want to see this one!)
– Make homemade lemonade
– Sleep outside in a hammock (when it get’s a little warmer)
– Visit my sister in the South of Norway
– Go on a roadtrip
– Paint my own painting
– Invite friends over for a game night
– Spring clean our apartment, basement and attic
– Take the time to read 3 new books
– Spring clean and decorate our balcony
– Visit the Farmers Market

Do you have your own Spring Bucketlist? 🙂

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