New favorite tv-show

After looking for tv-series recommendations, I finally found a new tv-show that I absolutely LOVE – Somebody Feed Phil! As the tittle suggest, this is a series with lot’s of focus on food. In fact, it’s all about food in combination with traveling, meeting new people, and new adventures in cities all around the world – what’s not to love?! 😀

Since most of us has been forced to stay home during 2020 due to COVID (and we still do!), international traveling has been pretty much absent. One of my favorite things about traveling is the ability to see new places, meet new (preferably local) people, and indulge in lot’s of delicious local food. With the complete absence of traveling at this point, it at least feels good to let your mind wanter, allow yourself to dream a little and explore the world through the lens of this show! Somebody Feed Phil is a travel-food documentary series created by Philip Rosenthal, a very well-known American tv-show writer and producer. Through 4 seasons, he’ll take us through several cities around the world and try out the best restaurants (and of course discover all the hidden gems in each city!). I have a list over all the places I want to visit, but it’s safe to say that this list has grown after watching this show! 🙂

Season 1;
Bakkok, Saigon, Tel Aviv, Lisbon, New Orleans, and Mexico City
Season 2; Venice, Dublin, Buenos Aires, Copehagen, Cape Town, and New York City
Season 3; Marrakech, Chicago, London, Seoul, and Montreal
Season 4; Rio De Janeiro, San Francisco, Sinapore, the Missisippi Delta, and Hawaii

Somebody Feed Phil can be found on Netflix.

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