5 ways to cope with the pandemic

Personal photo; Side, Tyrkey 2019

Yesterday was the best day ever! I slept in, enjoyed a good breakfast and met up with a friend at my favorite coffee shop. We enjoyed a coffee outside in fresh air and for the first time in forever, I could feel the sun warming and my mood changing for the better – it honestly made me so happy! It’s funny how much we value the little things in life during the worst times, such as sunshine and a cup of coffee during a pandemic.. It’s something to reflect on for sure! 🙂 Shortly after starting on this post, I received a text saying that my hometown will go into yet another lockdown from midnight. It came as no suprise to me, because it was doomed to happen sooner or later. There is no secret that most of us, myself included, are tired of anything COVID related at this point. We’ve been dealing with the pandemic for a year now and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. In light of all of this I have realized the need to change my mindset; instead of putting focus on all the restrictions and things we can’t do, I have decided to find the best ways to cope with everyday corona life + yet another lockdown..

Here’s my personal tips on how to deal with corona life the best possible way;

Cooking & baking
As a true “foodie”, I love anything cooking and baking related. We all need food to fuel our bodies and with more time on our hand than ever, why not try out a new recipe in the kitchen? A couple of days ago I made Italian pasta with chicken and a creamed pesto sauce with mushrooms, garlic, red pepper and onion – it was sooo good! For inspiration and some new ideas, check out What’s Gaby Cooking, Love & Lemons and Halfbaked Harvest!

Reading more books
I have always loved reading, but I have never been good at making it a priority.. But that’s about to change! Reading puts me in a clam and relaxed state of mind that’s good for my body and soul, and it’s also the best stress reliever. I have a large bookshelf filled with books just waiting to be read and my new goal (which is also realistic!) is to read 2 books each month. There is nothing better than finding that one great book that you can’t put down until your done. Bonus; you can either crawl onto the couch under a blanket or sit outside in the sun with a cup of coffee – both are great options!

Physical activity
Pysical activity in combination with fresh air has been the greatest game changer to me during this pandemic. Whether I’m off work or have been trapped inside the office/my home all day due to work, spending time outside is always a good idea. Fresh air always clear my head and makes me in a better mood – it’s the easiest way to treat yourself and it’s completely free! I have been switching it up between spending time outside, spin class and strength training at my gym, but since my gym shut down again, my goal is to spend more time outside. I have a yoga mat, resistance ball, some small weights and a jump rope at home + I’ll brush the dust of my bike. I’ll also take advantage of the hiking trails nearby and I walk the Coastal Path as well

Be social outside
It’s finally March, which makes it so much easier to spend time outside! With warmer temperatures and hopefully more sunshine, more people are eager to spend time outside. Some ideas (and also my favorites!) to be social outside is to gather friends and host an outdoor bonfire night. Bring some food, drinks and snacks while enjoying good conversations outside in fresh air. Another idea is to go for a walk while stopping by your local coffeeshop for a take-away coffee and a treat (it’s time to support local businesses!). You can also invite friends over for a backyard outdoor lunch/barebeque. We’re thinking about inviting friends over for easter and spend time together outside – key words are delicious food, making some drinks, easter eggs and a feel-good playlist!

Listen to podcasts
I love listening to podcasts and do it all the time, wheather I’m driving, cleaning my apartment or go for walks outside. There is a whole world of podcasts out there and I’m always looking for new recommendations (if you have any good ones, drop them in the comment section below!). My current favorites are a mix of Norwegian and international addressing various topics. My Norwegian favorites includes Treningspodden, Powerladies, Harm & Hegeth, Janka og Martes Podcast, G-Punktet, and Karrierekvinner. Some of my international favorites are The Skinny Confidential, JUMP with Traveling Jackie, Food Heaven Podcast and On Purpose with Jay Shetty.

How are you doing during these tought times? Did you discover some good ways to get through lockdown/everyday corona life?

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