50 free things to do during COVID

This is a moment of honesty; this past week I’ve been feeling a bit down. I’m doing ok, but I have to be honest and say that COVID is starting to get to me. I miss everyday life filled with fun adventures, hugging my friends and no restrictions. I miss open restaurants, fun nights out on the town and internationl traveling. While some might say there are more important things to worry about, it’s important that we don’t ignore the people who are struggeling. To some people, these things are the definition of life itself and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I try as hard as I can to maintain a somewhat normal day-to-day life these days by doing the things I enjoy the most, I therefore decided to come up with a list over free things to do during COVID. If you are struggeling or just need some inspiration, I hope this list might be helful to you.. Enjoy! 🙂

  1. Volunteer for an organization your passionate about
  2. Enjoy your dinner outside in nature (what about making it on a bonfire?)
  3. Try out 10 new recipes from different parts of the world
  4. Listen to a favorite podcast (or find a new one!)
  5. Watch a new movie
  6. Re-watch a favorite tv-show all over again (I’m into One Tree Hill right now!)
  7. Complete the “30 days yoga challenge adriene
  8. Invite girlfriends over for a movie night
  9. Host a cocktail-making session with friends at home
  10. Join or start your own book-club
  11. Attend a free online seminar/virtual event
  12. Get into planting and grow your own food & flowers at home
  13. Make a cookbook with all your favorite recipes
  14. Practice “Random Acts of Kindness” everyday
  15. Have a SPA day at home (shower, have a facial, manicure & pedicure)
  16. Visit a flea market and check out the “free section”
  17. Spend 24 hours without your phone
  18. Take advantage of a hiking trail near you
  19. Write and publish an e-book
  20. Get a library card and rent some new books
  21. Improve your resume layout (there are many great free templates online!)
  22. Clean our your closet and donate/sell things you no longer use
  23. Hand-write a letter to a good friend
  24. Take a roadtrip someplace new
  25. Start planning your future dream home (it’s never to early to start planning & saving!)
  26. Try a new workout class or gather friends for an outdoor workout session
  27. Start a gratitude journal
  28. Set goals for immediate and 5-10 years
  29. Watch inspiring TED talks online
  30. Spend more time with close family & friends
  31. Take classes or continue your education in your career to advance/get promoted
  32. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time
  33. Create a scrapbook/photobok with all your favorite pictures
  34. Invite friends over for a dinner
  35. Climb a mountain (My goals are Prekestolen and Galdhøpiggen)
  36. Learn a new language (Duolingo is perfect for new-beginers!)
  37. Have a yard sale
  38. Do a social media detox
  39. Create good habits for your self
  40. Have an outdoor bonfire night with good friends
  41. Spend a full day with Nextflix & chill, good food and drinks
  42. Watch documentaries and gain more knowledge
  43. Brush the dust of your bike and go for a bike ride
  44. Do you have a talent? Start a blog, Instagram account or a YouTube Channel!
  45. Attemt getting into a meditation routine
  46. Have a virtual coffee date with a long distance friend
  47. Plan your future travel adventures
  48. Make fresh pasta from scratch at home
  49. Get some brain exercise and finish a crossword puzzle
  50. Have an outdoor picnic

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