Project "Sell 100 things in 2020"

NB; the links in this post is in Norwegian, but the concept discussed can be applied to anyone. Last year I came across the Norwegian podcast and website Pengesnakk, written by Lise Kristoffersen – a blog and podcast with focus on becoming more financially responsible and to get your finances back on track. She started […]

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My personal goals for 2020!

Christmas and new years is over, we already hit January 6th, which means it’s time to focus on this years goals! I’ve always been a big fan of creating a Bucketlist and setting goals for myself. While many people hate it, to me, it symbolizes a fresh start with an opportunity to make a change. […]

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My Favorite Christmas Movies

Home Alone 1 and 2The Home Alone movies are the most iconic christmas movies of all times!In the first movie, the McKalister family prepares for christmas in Paris when they accidentally leave their son Kevin at home. When stumbling upon the nasty villains Harry & Marv, Kevin does whatever it takes to protect his house […]

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Random Acts of Kindness

Being kind can have an impact on your psychological and physical health. Kindness is a behavioral response of compassion and actions that are selfless, and it’s often undervalued. Why is that? Kindness are often linked to happiness, and if you become happy and someone else is happy, there’s no reason to not be kind. Being […]

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