Summer Food Inspiration

1; Burrata with Heirloom Tomatoes / 2; Spicy Cucumber Margarita / 3; Grilled Lemon Herb Chicken / 4; Panini style chicken gyros / 5; The Best Simple Vegan Potato Salad / 6; Whipped Ricotta Toast with Marinated Tomatoes and Lemon Thyme Honey Omg, look at this picture perfect section of delicious food! It makes me […]

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Homemade Breakfast Buns

I love a good breakfast bun and these were no exception! We Norwegians do love our breakfast buns as much as we love our bread (we’re a total bread nation!), but they are often considered more of an extra treat on the breakfast table. My mom always makes them for christmas and easter, and they […]

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New favorite tv-show

After looking for tv-series recommendations, I finally found a new tv-show that I absolutely LOVE – Somebody Feed Phil! As the tittle suggest, this is a series with lot’s of focus on food. In fact, it’s all about food in combination with traveling, meeting new people, and new adventures in cities all around the world […]

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My Personal Goals for 2021!

If you’ve been here a while, you will know that I love goal setting and Bucketlists! I set goals all the time – daily, weekly, monthly and annually. To some it might feel exhausting, but to me it’s a helpful tool. Personal goals helps me to map out my future; when I know what I […]

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