Five things I want to do in August

I can’t believe we’re already one week into August, it feels like summer just started.. At the beginning of the summer, I created a 2019 Summer Bucketlist displaying all the things I wanted to do this summer. Despite working full time, I was determined to make the most out of the summer and looking back,Continue reading “Five things I want to do in August”

Interesting links from around the web #7

Great ideas for zero waste cooking – how to use up produce scraps How Amsterdam became the bicycle capital of the world Non-alcoholic summer drink recipes to enjoy on a warm summer day (or any day!) London’s best street food markets and food stalls These Melon Caprese Skewers are the perfect refreshing side dish forContinue reading “Interesting links from around the web #7”

Things I’m looking forward to in May

We’re already one week into May and even though it’s slightly colder than April (Ironically April was unusually warm!), May is a wonderful month. To me, May is the transitional month between spring and summer and it’s the perfect time to soak up the sun, warmer weather and spend more time outside. Here’s what I’mContinue reading “Things I’m looking forward to in May”

Intersting links from around the web #5..

Check out the most charming boho-chic cottage in Cornwall, UK 100 great podcasts worth listening too (in case you need some inspiration) A step-by-step plan to change your career to something you love This is how the rest of the world drink iced coffee The perfect ham-and-cheese sandwich with an upgrade 18 photos that proveContinue reading “Intersting links from around the web #5..”

A life changing experience

Have you ever had a “life-changing experience”? And what really is the definition of “life-changing”? The answer to that question would probably differ from person to person, but to me, a life-changing experience refers to “what it takes to transform your life in a way that you find greater meaning and satisfaction in what youContinue reading “A life changing experience”

Interesting links from around the web #4

Why reading is the most intelligent thing you can do A guide to the best 10 vibrant street markets in Asia This honey lime fruit salad looks delicious 11 Global Cities Primed for Female Solo Travelers in 2019 How to make the ultimate cheese plate Girl Code – The unwritten rules of female friendships Bazaar’sContinue reading “Interesting links from around the web #4”

My Favorite Podcasts 🎙

Have you discovered the power of podcasts yet? If not, you have been missing out! Podcasts has been popular for quite some time and even though it took me a while to discover the world of podcasts, I often say “It’s better late than never”.. Today, it’s never been easier to find, subscribe and listenContinue reading “My Favorite Podcasts 🎙”

Expanded Bucketlist – Top 200! 🌍

I believe that a Bucketlist is a never ending journey – you will always add new things as you live (at least I do!). A while back I posted my Top 100 Bucketlist Points, which I now expanded to 200 – here’s the new points I added to my list! 🌍 1. Voluntair in aContinue reading “Expanded Bucketlist – Top 200! 🌍”