Where to eat in Leiden – a previous “local’s” recommendations

I posted a Leiden Travel Recommendation on my blog a while back and to follow up on the post (in case you decide to take my recommendation and actually visit Leiden) a restaurant/coffee shop guide is a necessity! 😊 Whenever I visit someplace new, I’m always exited to check out all the restaurants and coffeeContinue reading “Where to eat in Leiden – a previous “local’s” recommendations”

5 Things I learned from my study abroad experience

Growing up, one of my childhood dreams was always to study abroad (you can read more about my college experience at an American university here.) This was my dream for as long as I can remember and it was never given that I should have ended up study at an Norwegian university. I have alwaysContinue reading “5 Things I learned from my study abroad experience”

Travel Recommendation; Leiden, Netherlands

Reklame/Affiliate – Booking.com I love traveling and feel fortunate to be able to travel as often as I do, it’s not something I take for granted at all.. I have gained many favorite destinations throughout the years and today I want to recommend one of my absolute favorites; in 2016 I moved to the NetherlandsContinue reading “Travel Recommendation; Leiden, Netherlands”

Checking of my Bucketlist ☑️

For the longest time, one of my goals has been to discover more of Norway and I love being outside, so what’s better than going on a hiking trip?! 🙂 Last week I checked of another point of my Bucketlist; I hiked Gaustatoppen! Gaustatoppen rises majestically above Rjukan in Telemark, Norway and with it’s 1833Continue reading “Checking of my Bucketlist ☑️”

A life changing experience

Have you ever had a “life-changing experience”? And what really is the definition of “life-changing”? The answer to that question would probably differ from person to person, but to me, a life-changing experience refers to “what it takes to transform your life in a way that you find greater meaning and satisfaction in what youContinue reading “A life changing experience”

Krakow Travel Guide 🇵🇱

Reklame/Affiliate – Booking.com When thinking about European big cities, places such as Paris, Barcelona, and Rome comes to mind, Krakow is hardly ever mentioned. However, there has been a chance in the market, as this destination has become very popular among Norwegians and for many reasons; it’s such a beautiful city in many ways –Continue reading “Krakow Travel Guide 🇵🇱”