New favorite tv-show

After looking for tv-series recommendations, I finally found a new tv-show that I absolutely LOVE – Somebody Feed Phil! As the tittle suggest, this is a series with lot’s of focus on food. In fact, it’s all about food in combination with traveling, meeting new people, and new adventures in cities all around the world […]

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My Personal Goals for 2021!

If you’ve been here a while, you will know that I love goal setting and Bucketlists! I set goals all the time – daily, weekly, monthly and annually. To some it might feel exhausting, but to me it’s a helpful tool. Personal goals helps me to map out my future; when I know what I […]

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Travel dreaming..

Is anyone else having travel dreams? Not just daydreams, but actual dreams..? 🌍✈️There’s really is something to the saying “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” and it’s especially true when it comes to traveling in light of the pandemic. Traveling has always been a great passion of mine and there not much […]

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Checking of my Bucketlist! βœ”️

Reklame/Affiliate This month I finally checked off another point on my Bucketlist; a visit to Lofoten! πŸšπŸ”πŸŒ¦βœ”οΈπŸ˜ŠNorway is the land of the fjords, the northern lights & midnight sun (which you can both see up north if you’re lucky!), viking history, trolls, quaint villages, and many scenic drives – some which can be found […]

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My top 5 favorite food Instagrammers

I love scrolling through Instagram for inspiration and probably spend more time doing that than I’d like to admit (I don’t want to know my total screen time for Instagram, hehe).. If you’re getting hungry and are looking for some new inspiration, look no further; here’s my top 5 favorite food Instagrammers – Enjoy! πŸ™‚ […]

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Completed points on my Bucketlist

Reklame/Affiliate As most of you probably know by know, I’m a huge Bucketlist fan – I love a good Bucketlist! πŸ™‚My personal Bucketlist is long, but it also keeps growing every day.. I love reading other people’s Bucketlists as I’m always looking for new inspiration to add to my own. 2020 is the year […]

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My Fall Bucketlist πŸ

This is how I spent my morning today; the best ice coffee with a hint of caramel, crisp and cooler air, sunshine, fall flowers and the changing colors of the leaves.. It was a much needed moment of solitude before work today, something I highly recommend everyone to do every now and then. So calm, […]

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