Finding a purpose and tips to achieve your goals!

Before starting this blog, it was important for me to carefully consider why. There is no doubt that blogging is a popular activity (and a job to many people), but I think it’s important to reflect on why you want to get into blogging, especially if you want to get somewhere. Blogging is fun, youContinue reading “Finding a purpose and tips to achieve your goals!”

A few thoughts on a Monday.. 💭

.. The best way to start a Sunday after a great night out, is to enjoy a delicious breakfast and good conversations with good friends at a cozy cafe. It’s so underrated! .. I can’t wait to start preparing our patio for the summer season; I will clean it and finish the painting, take outContinue reading “A few thoughts on a Monday.. 💭”

The best fluffy breakfast pancakes!

There’s nothing better than thick, fluffy breakfast pancakes.. I love eating them with real maple syrup and fresh strawberries, but you can load them with anything you want – bacon, raspberries, sugar or jam.. the options are endless! 🥞🍓🥓 Ingredients 2 large eggs – 3 dl skim milk – a pinch of salt – 1Continue reading “The best fluffy breakfast pancakes!”

My New York City Bucketlist 🇺🇸

One of the points on my Bucketlist is to live in New York City for minimum a month as a “local” and discover everything the concrete jungle has to offer. While I don’t see this goal being reached anytime in the near future, I still think it’s important to hold on to those dreams, otherwiseContinue reading “My New York City Bucketlist 🇺🇸”

Progress – Free Bucketlist Ideas ☑️

Have you ever heard of the term “plogging”? It’s a fitness trend that’s making it’s way around the world and the best part; it benefits both you and the environment! “Plogging” is a Scandinavian workout trend that involves picking up trash while jogging. In Swedish, “plocka upp” translates into picking up, so combined with “jogging”,Continue reading “Progress – Free Bucketlist Ideas ☑️”