Progress – Free Bucketlist Ideas ☑️

Have you ever heard of the term "plogging"? It's a fitness trend that's making it's way around the world and the best part; it benefits both you and the environment! "Plogging" is a Scandinavian workout trend that involves picking up trash while jogging. In Swedish, "plocka upp" translates into picking up, so combined with "jogging",… Continue reading Progress – Free Bucketlist Ideas ☑️

Interesting links from around the web #3

Sometimes it's the little things in life that are the best How to make chips out of almost anything Homemade body scrubs would be fun to make - how about trying this coffee scrub? Jamie Oliver's ultimate guide to growing herbs at home This Instagram account display the funniest life hacks as cartoons The best… Continue reading Interesting links from around the web #3